Corrientes Fly

Know Corrientes from above!


Christening flight.

Corrientes Fly specialized in two-seat flights and they seek the perfect experience with the perfect route. It is up to weather conditions.
They commit to make it a safe, quality flight with the maximum of fun. And all this with federated pilots with great experience in the sector.

Do not miss the opportunity to live an experience like this. If you are over 18 and weigh less than 110 kilos, you have all the requirements, so you have no excuses!

It is two-seat flight (for two people), with a federated Instructor Pilot who will take care of everything, while you are carried away by the excitement of being flying. You can even forget the camera because it includes a photo and video report.

The program includes:
– Guaranteed time in the air of 10 to 15 minutes in a double-seat Paratike. Video and photo report.
– Insurance.

Hiring: +5493624286991

Activity up to weather conditions.
Once you have made your reservation, remember to make an appointment in advance, it depends on to the availability of the centre.
If you want to modify your appointment you must do it 48 hours in advance.