Top Mobile Attribution Platforms 2023

Accurate mobile attribution is one of the most important tools used by mobile marketers to ensure the sustainable growth of their apps. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future. An accurate analysis of historical data is a prerequisite for business success. Building a winning paid marketing strategy is especially important because it involves cost – companies cannot remain in business without turning a profit. Given that global digital ad spend was around $378 billion in 2020 alone, marketers must identify the best working channels and campaigns to improve return and profitability within a limited budget. Mobile attribution is a process that allows you to determine which campaign, partner, and channel generated each app download.

As web users, we’re well-accustomed to the standards and conventions
that allow organizations to track the performance of their marketing
campaigns, namely through the use of cookie files in web browsers. As you can see, the attribution platforms above have different capabilities and fit different needs. That’s why it’s important to look at your company size and marketing goals before anything.

By creating more effective and targeted campaigns, brands can better understand their mobile audiences and ultimately improve user engagement. Ultimately, the goal of mobile attribution is not to tell you what happened, but to provide insights on what to do to make more of what you want to happen, actually happen. While on Android, Google’s advertising ID (the GAID) is still available, Privacy Sandbox for Android is coming probably in early 2024.

  • Companies can identify which campaigns are resonating with their audiences and can optimize their messaging and targeting accordingly.
  • By creating more effective, targeted campaigns, you can better understand your mobile audience and improve your overall engagement, ultimately leading to increased revenue.
  • Mobile attribution refers to the process of tracking and analyzing user behaviour across various mobile channels, such as apps or mobile web.
  • Accurate mobile attribution is one of the most important tools used by mobile marketers to ensure the sustainable growth of their apps.
  • This allows it to generate the fingerprint from the install and track clicks with the matching fingerprint, with the last click attributing the install.
  • Since there are so many potential actions to
    take, more information about what’s happening at each funnel stage
    lets us know what’s truly going on and what tweaks might be possible.

This guide will walk you through what a mobile attribution platform is, how they work, and how to choose the best one for you. Providing attribution data as a service relies heavily on a foundation of trust the attribution provider builds with its customers and partners. When this trust is violated, the attribution provider’s products and services can no longer be perceived as reliable. It is extremely difficult for an attribution provider to recover from such a problem. In summary, Singular saves marketers time and money by automatically collecting campaign data alongside attribution data. Ultimately, this data provides marketers with the actionable insights they need to drive profitable growth at scale.

what is mobile attribution

Attribution tracking, or attribution modeling, provides a framework for analyzing which marketing channels receive credit for those conversions. Mobile attribution is a method for determining which campaigns, media partners, and channels delivered specific app installs. Conversions refer to in-app events such as install, purchase, and add to cart. When you work with a mobile app attribution provider like Trackier, you get a broader perspective of your data in a simplified manner. Our streamlined dashboard can be utilized for in-depth analysis without having to collate or wrangle data from anywhere else.

A clear understanding of the goal(s) will indicate what data points and, subsequently, what part of the funnel (top, middle, bottom) marketers should stick to and what channels to use. The challenge for mobile marketers is that mobile attribution is changing massively right now. You can then invest more capital into profitable channels, push favorite features to the forefront, and improve how every user engages with your application.

what is mobile attribution

For instance, if an email campaign prompts a buying decision but the user clicks on an AdWord ad, this marketing attribution credits the Adword and not the campaign. Effective mobile attribution combines the same models available for other digital marketing platforms, including single-touch, multi-touch, algorithmic and media attribution. As a result, marketers can assess which model works to better focus time and budgets by channel. However, tracking these mobile users and their online behaviors allows marketing teams to determine the most effective touchpoints so they can tailor strategies and campaigns. Focusing on the most effective methods ultimately increases a brand’s number of conversions while decreasing the cost per acquisition.

An attribution window (a conversion window) is a set amount of time a publisher can claim that a click or impression resulted in an install. There is almost always a click attribution window, which is typically up to 28 days, meaning the mobile download and installation must take place within that time. These dashboards provide a visual representation of your data, making it easy to monitor and analyze your performance activities over time. Accurate attribution data also helps you make informed decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars for stronger ROI. You may assess advertising and network success using insights into what attracts people to your app.

If you’re like most mobile marketers, you’re constantly testing new ad networks to expand your reach and improve the bottom line. For this reason, mobile marketers need an attribution tool with complete network coverage. Imagine being able to quickly discover which ad campaigns and channels are and aren’t driving results.

Like the user-agent, it can be used in combination with other identifiers to single out a specific device. There are billions of people using countless smartphones and other mobile devices, so stakeholders need the ability to tell these apart. A device’s what is mobile attribution advertising ID is a unique string of numbers and letters, which allows advertising platforms to identify each smartphone, tablet, and mobile device out there. Did you know that mobile devices have become the leading type of traffic on the internet?

what is mobile attribution

That means your attribution partner must allow you to pick the right KPIs for your app marketing objectives. You may want your attribution platform packed with fancy features and many integrations that make your life easier. We have developed an attribution system that is easy to integrate and set-up, so marketers can easily get started with mobile measurement. To find out more about how to configure Adjust’s attribution settings, take a look at our official documentation. Temporary attribution is a time-sensitive model used to give UA managers flexibility with how their data is presented. If you’re looking to maximize your ROAS through better attribution and modeling, contact us at Upptic.

Specifically, they’re able to perform data analysis, device fingerprinting, offer data dashboards and a lot more. Businesses can determine which campaigns are driving the most engagement and revenue and optimize their campaigns in real time, making adjustments to targeting and messaging to improve overall performance. Using the platforms, brands gain insights into user engagement, conversion rates, and other key metrics and are able to optimize their marketing strategies as well as increase their return on investment. Click Injection, Click Spam, SDK Spoofing, and fraudulent users are some of the most common ad fraud tactics (bots). Every app vertical is vulnerable to fraud, but applications with a high cost per install are at a higher risk (CPI). Marketers should search for an attribution provider that safeguards against all of these fraud cases and provides enough tools to explain how their fraud prevention methods work.

To learn more about the many partners we’re already working with, take a look at our full list of technology partners. Much of what we’ve demystified thus far in this series has to do with marketers reaching the best users. ECPM, real-time bidding, DSPs and SSPs—they’re all integral to the process of reaching the optimal users and are important components of the mobile ad buying ecosystem. But after these users have been acquired, how do we know which of these cogs in the ad tech machine are working best and what they’re achieving? These are just a few examples of how mobile attribution may assist you in taking on your target market(s), regardless of vertical, geography, or resources. The entire value of mobile attribution is determined by your grasp of how it works.

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