City Tour Gran Corrientes

Discover Corrientes and its Surroundings

The Circuit starts by touring around the main historic, cultural y natural attractions of all the city in Corrientes.

From there it departs to the city of Itatí, one the first villages of the Province of Corrientes (1615) and from where its located The Basilica in honor to the Virgin of Itatí, patron of the people of Corrientes, that attracts thousands of visitors during the year.

Then it continues in the most important touristic village of the northeast, Paso de la Patria, venue of the International Tournament of Dorado’s Fishing and main scenario of the war of the Triple Alliance.

Lastly, you’ll travel to the quiet town of Santa Ana, which keeps its historic architecture of antique porch houses, the historic small train called “El Económico” and the parish of Santa Ana, which is intact since 1889 and it was declared as a National Historic Monument.

Duration: All day.

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